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Dear Lee, Thank you so much for your great work from our hearts!

Best Regards, Claire and Hugo

Claire Cheng

We cannot thank her enough for all the work she has done for us and I am pleased to recommend her.

I’m delighted to write this recommendation letter for my real estate agent, Lee Tan. She was very helpful in setting up our house for sale. Lee was quite accurate about the Richmond market condition and our house was sold within the first week of the open house in August at the full asking price. Finding a house in our location of choice proved to be more of a challenge. Lee was worked relentlessly to send us many new listings. After many viewings and losing out on bidding wars, we have settled on a new condo under construction. We’re impressed with Lee’s hardworking attitude. Lee is very professional in handling our transactions and good attitude in helping others. She has since given us additional senior options for our loved ones. Lee's diligence and professionalism helped with the sale of our house and the purchase of our new property. Thank you! Sincerely, Vincent and Linda

Vincent and Linda

Lee is an exceptional Real Estate Agent who is very passionate and super resourceful.

Lee is always on the changing market and is great at what she does. She has an easy-going personality in which her clients can fully depend upon, easing the stress of home hunting. I am very satisfied with her finding us a home in such a short time frame. I would definitely recommend her as a First Choice Real Estate Agent! Jack Lin

Jack Lin Feb 4, 2016

It is our great pleasure to recommend Lee Tan as a Realtor for anyone searching for their ideal home for their unique situation.

First of all, getting to know Lee alone is a privilege. She is a highly attentive agent with an engaging personality. She understood our needs instantly. We were very comfortable with Lee throughout our home buying process. Lee knows Vancouver's lower mainland very well and took us to a number of homes that met our requirements. She did not waste our time on homes that were not in line with our needs. Her attention to detail is superb when it comes to property for sale. Nothing escapes her eyes and we really appreciate her forward-thinking. Lee is also well connected with financial advisors through and through and she is very knowledgeable about financial dealings. She spent countless hours to make sure we got the best deal there on the market. We are pleased to recommend Lee Tan to any potential buyers or sellers. In our opinion, she is one of the best in the business. We are very grateful to have known Lee and she being our Realtor. Sincerely, Niang Soe

Naing Soe October 20, 2019

To Whom It Concern: Lee Tan arranged for the listing and sale of my townhouse in Richmond.

She guided me through a very stressful time in my life. Her negotiation skills were superb, as well as her empathy and caring. Lee's care went well beyond her role of Realtor, making sure I took care of myself and provided food and caring many times. The final price for the sale of my home was very fair and I was extremely pleased. Lee also negotiated a new home for me and I am now living in a beautiful apartment. I feel really blessed by meeting Lee and seeing her at work and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Lee as a Realtor.

Joan Mullen Port Coquitlam

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter in support of Lee Tan, the Realtor who sold my parents' house.

As my parents are seniors and have lived in their home for almost 50 years, I was looking for a Realtor who would make the sale of their house run smoothly and without stress. When Lee first contacted my parents, I felt she was kind and patient. Because she mentioned that she specialized in seniors, I kept her in mind when we finally started the process of selling our house. When we first met Lee, she was friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the market and her job. During the first meeting, she sat with us for two hours explaining in detail how houses are selling in our area. I was amazed with Lee's thoroughness and expertise. She made it easy to say "yes" My parent's house sold quickly and they received the highest price in the area. As I understand, it was a record price. I was so impressed with Lee's skills as a negotitor and her ability to keep her word on getting the price that she promised. Throughout the whole process, my parents never had time to feel sressed or anxious because Lee did everything to make it as comfortable for them as possible. As one of the caregivers for my parents, I sincerely appreciate her hard work and more importantly their kindness. Finally, I should mention that Lee kept in constant contact with us during the sale of the house with continual updates and advice. She even took the time to come over to our house to present the buyers and speak with us in detail. That is great customer service indeed. They have a true understanding and a caring heart for customers' needs, especially seniors. Therefore, I highly recommend Lee without reservation. I am confident you will not be disappointed. Sincerely, The Morizaki Family

Morizaki Family


September 5, 2020 I am more than happy to recommend Lee Tan as a qualified Real Estate Agent for you. Buying a home is always a stressful experience, but if anyone can alleviate that stress, it is Lee Tan. Extremely knowledgeable, kind, understanding, and willing to listen to all kinds of whining and complaining and then worked through the buying process with her to a very successful sale!! To anyone, either buying or selling, who is looking for a Real Estate Agent, I would say talk with Lee Tan, eXp Realty. Sincerely Yours, Acken Li Business Entrepreneur from Hong Kong September 5, 2020

Acken Li

SHE IS A STRONG NEGOTIATOR AND SHINES DURING CRITICAL MOMENTS Dear Lee, Please find below my testimonial about your service as a Realtor.

I am very impressed with Lee Tan as a Realtor. She was different than other Realtors I met before. Her skills and expertise were evident from the first meeting when she came fully prepared to discuss selling my investment house and the shifting market. Her attention to the details and her ability to help me see all the issues involved in buying and selling are very reassuring. Lee was an exceptional help and resource in selling my home in 2016 this difficult market. She brought her staging professional, got to know my house, created an excellent feel, took fabulous pictures, and did a lovely video. She was a great listener and understood my needs. Her language skills in Mandarin was an excellent bonus in our geographical area, in Richmond. She is a strong negotiator and shines during critical moments. Choosing Lee was the right choice. She is tenacious, attentive, creative, and caring. She possesses a delightful sense of humor, as well as a unique understanding of human nature. I found her to be very respectful, a good communicator who “gets” people. She also dresses as a professional, in a fashion-conscious way. She is pleasant, energetic, and fun too! She is exceptionally friendly and never forget about my birthday. E. Fodor

Eva Fodor


One of the best decisions my wife and I made in life was choosing Lee Tan to be our real estate agent. Lee was able to sell our home for a good price when the market was slowing down because of the Covid 19 pandemic. She was able to get us a good tenancy agreement with the new owner. Our rent was below what other landlords were asking in Richmond. After looking at many condos for sale we found one we liked. Lee was able to negotiate a good price for us which also included the seller’s beautiful furniture. Lee always has a positive attitude towards life. She is friendly, generous, and has a good sense of humour. If you are looking for a real estate agent who will fight hard for the best interests of her clients, then Lee Tan is the one for you. Robert and Judy Tawse August 21, 2020

Robert and Judy Tawse

To Whom It May Concern: When we decided to sell our home, we were very fortunate to have engaged the services of Lee Tan at eXp Realty.

She gave us a good reading the then current market and on setting of the listing price. Her professional advice and briefings on the complete sales process was extremely educational. The viewings were efficiently handled by her, making it stress-free for us. Her expertise in this area is beyond expectations, and I will definitely recommend her services to all my friends & acquaintances. Thank you. Best Regards, Jenny and Zeus F.

Jenny and Zeus F. June 3, 2021


First in 2019 for buying a house and again in 2020 for selling my townhouse, both in Richmond. Every transaction has its own challenges when it comes to decision making and negotiation stages. We had some challenges as well, especially when buying the house. Having Lee Tan as our Realtor felt like we have someone besides us who understands our situation to guide us through, keeping our interests in mind. I found Lee to be a professional person and a good negotiator. She provided invaluable advice, negative and positive, at the time of house showings and decision making. Lee Tan also negotiated a good price in both transactions, probably the best at the time! We are very happy! I would use Lee Tan’s service again in the future! Thank you, Harish Kumar Earth Scientist September 10, 2020

Harish Kumar

To Whom It May Concern: This is a reference letter for Lee Tan, an excellent Realtor.

Lee is professional, friendly, and willing to get the best price for her clients. She is enthusiastic and provides excellent service to ensure that her client's needs are met. She is very hardworking and easy to contact and communicate with. She will not let you down! I would definitely refer Lee Tan to all my friends if they need real estate services!! Debbie and Rex Yu

Debbie and Rex Yu 3/9/2019

A Big Thank You To Lee Tan For a Job Well Done.

Lee came to my door three years ago and she asked if I was interested in selling my home. I told her that I wasn't ready to put my home on the market. Lee was very pleasant and always kept in touch with me. It was when she called in in December 2017 I was ready to sell. Our family home sold quickly, the entire process was seamless from beginning to end. Lee is a true professional. She is extremely knowledgeable and guided me through the process. It is my pleasure to write this letter recommending Lee for a job well done, I am grateful for her service. She is a true expert in her field. She made the whole selling experience and transition, positive and free of stress. Very Sincerely, Karen Lieffering.

Karen Liefering March 29, 2019

To Whom It May Concern: Lee was the key to our successful real estate transaction.

We selected Lee Tan because she was experienced within the City of Richmond and had previously sold a unit within the complex. In addition, she had proactively introduced herself to us years prior and stated that she was a "Seniors Specialist' With this reassurance, we decided to list our Aunt's townhome. Lee's detailed process prior to listing the home, and throughout the open house, was critical to the positive experience we had. She was in constant communication with us and provided great advice when we were under pressure reviewing offers. The end result was that we were able to receive a price well above asking and everyone involved was pleased with the outcome. Thank you, Lee, for your dedication and service as a Realtor! Sincerely, Wayne and Mary

Wayne and Mary April 2021

Thank you Lee Tan for selling our property at the best price!

You worked tirelessly with patience and kindness overcoming every obstacle we put in your way. It wasn't easy but your tenacity paid prevailed. Great job! Thankfully, Lisa Broder

Lisa Broder


THANKS TO LEE’S INCREDIBLE NEGOTIATING SKILLS! For many years I spoke with Lee Tan on my doorstep, and she is nice and friendly. She kept me informed about the real estate market in my neighborhood. Even though I have no thought of selling and moving (40-year resident). I knew that she helped many seniors and families in my area. This year we decided to check out the possibility of moving to a newer home, and we engaged Lee in our search. She was totally responsive and immersed in our wants and needs for our new home. After many viewings, we refined our tastes and truly ended up in our DREAM HOME. Thanks to Lee’s incredible negotiating skills! Sellers choose our offer among all other offers even though our offer was not the highest price. Lee also kept us fully informed of each step in the process and really worked hard on our behalf. We do not hesitate to recommend Lee Tan to our friends and anyone needing the best real estate agent to act on their behalf. Ray and Amy Bishop Oct 29, 2019

Ray and Amy Bishop


To Whom it may concern: We are writing to let you know how pleased we were with Lee Tan who sold our house in just over two weeks. Lee came highly recommended and we were not disappointed. From the very beginning of our relationship, we were impressed by her professionalism. Within a few days, Lee had our home on the MLS and advertised with great pictures and a virtual tour on the internet. The first week Lee held an open house which helped to attract a reasonable offer. In the meantime, Lee continued to explore all the possible buyers and wasn’t satisfied until she brought us another offer very close to our asking price which we gratefully accepted. We really appreciated the way that Lee worked tirelessly to bring many prospective buyers into our home. She explored possibilities with renovation experts and looked at all the angles to position our home in the best possible light. There was no need to have a lockbox as Lee personally escorted many potential buyers through our home while drawing attention to the great positives about our property. It is without reservation that we recommend Lee Tan to any home seller or buyer wishing a productive no-nonsense experience. Lee does not rest on her listing but pushes continuously toward the sale. We could not be happier with the work that Lee has done on our behalf. Sincerely, Barbara and Garth Bowen November 4, 2020

Barbara and Garth Bowen


! Lee Tan is an honest, caring, hard-working, professional patient, dependable, and responsible real estate agent. We are very happy about her excellent service in guiding and helping us from preparing our home to selling which achieved the highest price! We enjoyed working with Lee Tan very much! We were very happy together and will treasure and remember our times together! Hugo Tsai and Claire Cheng 8060 Aspin Drive, Richmond, BC

Hugo Tsai and Claire Cheng

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