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Steve Johansen (Richmond City Centre)

Recently my wife and I became interested in a condo which was for sale in Richmond B.C. The condo is located in a high rise only 3 floors above another unit which we owned at the time.

We contacted the listing realtors, John & Lee Moseley. Being from the interior of B.C., we were out of town buyers. John & Lee arranged for us to view the condo and within two days we found ourselves in Richmond looking at the unit. We liked the unit and made an offer that same day. The next day, John and Lee advised us that we had an accepted offer!

My wife and I immediately listed our condo located 3 floors below with John & Lee. Within 6 days, we had accepted an off from a buyer! Thanks to John & Lee, in a period of 8 days, we had purchased the condo we wanted and sold another!

Having bought and sold many real estate holdings over the years, we have dealt with many sales people. No others provided the quality of service they did. No others were as hard working, conscientious and caring as John & Lee. They acted “above and beyond the call of duty”. They even delivered boxes for moving our belongings!

We would highly recommend John and Lee for your real estate needs. My wife and I would not hesitate to use them again in the future.


Steve Johansen