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Yolanda Ho (Richmond City Centre)

I met Lee Tan and John Moseley when I was looking to buy an investment property. They provided me with excellent real estate service during my search for the right one. I was very impressed with their efficiency as they found the perfect investment property for me in just 3 weeks. They even found a tenant for me before the deal was closed! Lee prepared the leasing contract, screened the tenant and had the tenant signed the rental contract. I started to get rental income immediately after closing. I would call that excellent service!

I like their dedication and tenacity in the search to find the appropriate property. They are professional, paid attention to detail, and prompt . I was always the first one to view any new listings that they felt appropriate. This gave me an advantage to see them first and buy them first. I felt that Lee and John went the extra mile and really took good care of me. My experience of this purchase is much more enjoyable because of their knowledge, experience, and excellent follow up with all the details. They even arranged to change the lock on the door for me.

Lee and John are very trustworthy and patient. They were not afraid to show me any possible problems of the property. They would listen to my concerns and took the time to explain the good and bad, if any, of each property. I felt very comfortable in knowing that they always “had my back”. I am very fortunate to find good agents like them. On my purchase, Lee ad John negotiated a great price. Without their assistance and knowledge of the current market, this would not have been possible. I would not hesitate to ask their help in any future investment purchases or real estate concerns, and highly recommend Lee and John to all my family and friends.

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Crystalmount Investments Company Ltd
Yolanda Ho